Dental Services You May Want to Consider

A dental examination and cleaning twice a year is routine for most people. What you may not realize that there are many other services dental servicesthat their dentist offers to enhance the appearance of their teeth as well as improving their oral health. At Root River Dental in West Allis, WI, Dr. Jeff Welnak performs a variety of dental procedures, including the ones we've listed below:


The course of your child's future dental health is dependent on early and consistent oral hygiene. One of the best ways you can protect your child's teeth from decay is by requesting sealants from your West Allis dentist. Sealants are made from a plastic material that is "painted" onto the surfaces of the teeth, where it quickly bonds to the enamel and provides a layer of protection from decay-causing plaque. This is especially effective on the chewing surfaces of the molars, where the deep pits and grooves are prone to trapping food particles. Sealants usually last about ten years, but checkups from Dr. Welnak will ensure that they are dong their job.


To update a faded or discolored smile, a teeth whitening session at your West Allis dentist's office can make all the difference! With professional grade whitening gel, your teeth can be up to eight shades brighter in just a half-hour appointment. The results from an in-office whitening procedure can last well over a year, making whitening an affordable and long-lasting investment in your smile.

Gum reshaping

If your gums are uneven or cover more of your teeth than normal, cosmetic gum reshaping from your West Allis dentist can be extremely effective. This procedure involves removing a small portion of the gum tissue, more of the tooth is exposed, giving your smile a natural and more balanced appearance.

All of these treatments and more are available at Root River Dental in West Allis, WI. Contact the office of Dr. Jeff Welnak to learn more about how we can keep your smile beautiful and healthy for life!