How Cosmetic Contouring Can Fix Your Smile

Find out how this simple dental procedure can enhance and improve your smile.cosmetic contouring

Many people can benefit from what cosmetic dentistry has to offer but a lot of people don’t even think twice about it because they think that all cosmetic procedures are expensive, time-consuming and aggressive; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our West Allis, WI, dentist, Dr. Jeff Welnak, is here to tell you how this simple contouring procedure may be all you need for your smile.

Cosmetic or dental contouring is finally starting to get more recognition for its ability to provide smiles with the aesthetic alterations they need to improve the shape or size of a tooth. Sure, this procedure is completely non-invasive so it won’t be able to make serious changes to the overall shape of a tooth but it can make minor or moderate adjustments.

You’ll be able to immediately see and enjoy your results without having to come in for multiple lengthy visits. In about a half hour, our West Allis cosmetic dentist can give you the permanent results you’ve been looking for painlessly.

So, what can cosmetic contouring do for you? By removing small amounts of enamel from the surface of the tooth we can change the overall size and shape of one or more teeth to give you a more even and symmetrical smile. It’s also a great way to buff out small chips and cracks. If you are dealing with a tooth that is a bit misshapen, too long or too sharp, then this simple dental procedure could be all you need.

If you are pretty happy with your smile but want to make minor tweaks and adjustments then you might be the ideal candidate for dental contouring. In some cases, contouring and dental bonding go together. Bonding treatment uses a tooth-colored resin to mold over and hide a variety of imperfections from chips and discolorations to small gaps between teeth. These are two of the simplest and most expensive ways to enhance your smile quickly.

Root River Dental in West Allis, WI, is dedicated to providing you with the very best in dental care. Whether you are looking for general, cosmetic or restorative dentistry look no further than our expert dental team. Call us today to find out how cosmetic contouring could benefit you.